Hello, I am Mark Angel.
I specialize in event and portraiture photography.

For My Future Employers And/or Contractors

My last coworker said it perfectly

"Mark, you don't how to take a break."

I don't think my last coworker truly loved photography cause if you "Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life" I love directing an model to get the exact composition I want. I love spending the time in Photoshop/Lightroom to get exacting what I and the client are looking for! If I applied to your position, you now know that I truly love the field I choose to work in, and I will put that same energy into your company. Otherwise I wouldn't have applied in the first place.

For Cosplayers or Just Any Freelance Work. Reach Out and Lets Do a Shoot!

My love for Fashion, Colors, Cosplay, Capture an emotion And/or creating an artificial emotion thru a photo and the editing is what drives my personal growth and pursuit for perfection of my craft.

I just love the effort y'all put into making your character pop. Making a cosplay is challenging but wearing a cosplay is the hardest part, putting your self out there is truly amazing. And I just to capture the hard work you put in, cause everyone deserves a good photo of that hard work. I'm always wanting to try some idea that's way out of my skill range for like said before for the pursuit of perfection of my craft! If you wear cosplay armor, the chances I talked your ear off excitingly is high.